Tubular Heating & Cooling Exchanger
Basic information

Tubular Heating & Cooling Exchanger

Tubular Heating & Cooling Exchanger

Stainless steel, titanium or zirconium, depending on the liquid to be heated or cooled.

Take less space than a grid coil or serpentinecoil.

Higher efficiency than serpentine or gridcoil with equal surface area.

Easy to install.

Can easily be custom fabricated.

For use in most alkaline or acid solutions

Vertical or horizontal configurations

Every inch of coil surfaceis active exchange area

1.5 inch thick, low profile design 

316 stainless steel, Zirconium, Hastelloy C and Titanium

5.4 square foot to 30.5 square foot of exchange area

100 PSI working pressure (steam or water) 

One layer

A x B x ThicknessSurface area
Coils435 x 920 x 35 mm0,5 m²
Coils580 x 1080 x 35 mm0,95 m²
Coils600 x 800 x 35 mm0,8 m²
Coils600 x 1620 x 35 mm1,9 m²
Coils735 x 1860 x 35 mm2,8 m²
Coils800 x 600 x 35 mm0,8 m²
Coils900 x 1500 x 35 mm2,8 m²
Coils920 x 435 x 35 mm0,5 m²
Coils1000 x 1180 x 35 mm1,4 m²
Coils1080 x 580 x 35 mm0,95 m²
Coils1180 x 1000 x 35 mm1,4 m²
Coils1500 x 900 x 35 mm2,8 m²
Coils1620 x 600 x 35 mm1,9 m²
Coils1860 x 735 x 35 mm2,8 m²

Two layer

A x B x ThicknessSurface area
Coils390 x 810 x 60 mm0,85 m²
Coils580 x 890 x 60 mm1,8 m²
Coils705 x 1000 x 60 mm2,8 m²
Coils810 x 390 x 60 mm0,85 m²
Coils840 x 1050 x 60 mm3,5 m²
Coils890 x 580 x 60 mm1,8 m²
Coils1050 x 840 x 60 mm3,5 m²
Coils1000 x 705 x 60 mm2,8 m²

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