Tytan™ Inline Water Heaters
Basic information

Tytan™ Electric Inline Water Heater

Tytan™ Inline Water HeatersTytan™ Inline Water Heaters

Tytan™ electric inline water heaters are the safest and most reliable water heaters on the market.


Solar/Photovoltaic Wafer and Flat Panel Display Rinsing

Medical Device Cleaning (ultrasonic) and Sanitizing

RO/DI Water Treatment (filtration)

Batch Mixing

Aquaculture (fresh and

seawater aquaria exhibits, hatcheries and research facilities)

Potable Water Heating 

Safest and most reliable industrial water heater on the market! Compact and complete (turn-key) heating system designed with commercially-pure titanium heating elements for exceptionally clean and corrosion-free performance. Suitable for either single pass or recirculating flow demands for a variety of precision water heating applications. 

Features and benefits

Installation is fast and easy, and the Tytan™ requires virtually no maintenance 

Ultra-fast heat up and superior stability, regardless of the application 

Titanium elements maximize cleanliness and eliminate ionic contamination

Compact, self-contained heater and control package

Available in sizes up to 144kW, up to 72kW for wall-mounted

Complete (turn-key) System

Space saving design minimizes footprint requirements Allows for fast and easy installation
Only plumbing and main power required

Long-Lasting Titanium Element Construction

Resistant to corrosion Minimizes ionic contamination Compatible with seawater

PID Temperature Control

Provides precise and stable temperature for improved process consistency and yields

Minimizes temperature fluctuations with flow rate changes

Engineered for Safe Operation

Meets cULus safety standards
Built-in ground-fault protection
Independent and redundant over-temperature protection Internal pressure relief valve 

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