DC Rectifiers 500A -POWER STATION
Basic information

DC Rectifiers 500A -POWER STATION

DC rectifiers, Bench top models

Cooling: Air cooled

DC-rectifiers. Bench Top option with switch mode technology, air-cooled

Current50 A

Power500 W

Voltage30 V

Output power: max. 500 Watts

DC current: max. 50A (at 10V) 

DC voltage: max. 30V (at 10A )


Typical applications:

Laboratory plating lines 

Reel-to-reel plating 

Precious metal plating 

PCB lines

Manual plating lines 

Characteristic values

Linearity inaccuracy < 0.5 %
Ripple less than < 0.5 % 

Efficiency typical > 85 % 

Powerfactor cos φ 0,95
Constant current and voltage control 

Soft start function

Over temperature protection 

Current and voltage preset

Programmable control unit
Large 3-line LCD display
Keypad for operation and programming

Integrated Ampere-hour counter (totalizer)
(preset counter and other functions optional available) 

Mains supply: standard 100 - 265 V 50-60 Hz
(other voltages on request) 


Optimized cooling air guiding, air consumption max. 50m3/h 

Cooling air outlet at the device back panel
Ambient temperature 35°C (other on request) 


Compact desktop unit, protection grade IP21

Casing powder coated colour RAL 9018 (Standard)

Aluminium front panel with polycarbonat film

DC connection in front or back panel (lead through bolts or oval flat clamp)

Easy installation 


Standard sizes - DC output1 1other sizes on request

DC current

50 A

30 A

20 A

10 A

DC voltage


10 V

15 V

20 V

25 V

30 V

Mains supply

230 V AC


approx. 8 kg

Control optional available

Analog signals galvanically isolated via isolation amplifier: 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA (other on request), X4-terminal 

Serial interface RS485: X6 and X7 terminal 

Optional available functions

Preset counter, dosage counter * 

Ramp function (start / stop ramp) 

Timer function for ON / OFF *

 Voltage / current alarm * 

Operating hours counter

Chopper timer
Pole changer function (mechanical / electronic) * 

Programmable DC steps (14 individual steps) *

Extern ON / External enabling
* Indication / alarm output

Optional available

Separate electronic controlled pole changer

DC connector

can be installed in front or back panel

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