Chromic Acid Recovery System
Basic information

Chromic Acid Recovery System

Chromic Acid Recovery System

Our chromic acid recovery system has been developed by mobilizing the company’s advanced technologies for the production of industrial chemicals and by conducting extensive research.

This system enjoys a high reputation among related industries.

This system is designed for fractional recovery of chromic acid using only compact, portable ion-exchange resin towers (ND MINICHROPACK).

The regeneration of saturated resin and the effective utilization of recovered chromic acid are carried out in this system.

This system is receiving high acclaim from many users, such as plating plants, for its ease of operation and control, compact dimensions, and because it does not cause environmental pollution.

Boron Recovery System

Our boron recovery system has been developed using our own extensively developed chromic acid recovery system technologies.

This system is designed to absorb and to eliminate the boron contained in wastewater by means of an ion-exchange resin system(B-CLEPACK), so consumers need not care about the task of after-treatment of this waste-water.

The absorbed boron is collected from customers and reused in our plants as a raw material.

Nickel Recovery System

NI-PACK is an ion-exchange tower developed to recover nickel from nickel-containing drainage.

Nickel recovered by ion-exchange resin is extracted at the recycling plant and reused as a raw material for nickel alloys.

It is applied to the following usages depending on the customer’s requirements:

   1.To recycle nickel-containing drainage by removing nickel and other ions

   2.To absorb and remove nickel only

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